Website Update, May 2014

A website update today makes Player FM faster and easier to navigate. Let’s start with the desktop version …

Player FM Remix

The first thing eagle-eyed readers will notice is the new logo. Hope you like it :). Beyond that, what you can see is the new side menu, a simple list of categories and sub-categories. No more jumping through a cascading menu, cleaner to look at, and much simpler on touch devices.

The category in question is Science, and just like the old menu, you can dive into any specific topic. What’s new here is the episode list. Before, top-level categories were just categories; now they are much more like regular channels as they have their own playlist, an aggregation of all episodes in all channels. This new feature is possible for both top-level categories and sub-categories. I expect in the future it will become more intelligent and (at least, by default) filter episodes depending on popularity and relevance to the high-level topic. But for now, it’s one with the lot.

Got it? Now let’s go mobile …

Player FM Mobile Remix

The mobile website is now more app-y and easier to navigate. The previously – frankly buggy – top player is now fixed and the whole thing loads much faster.

There’s still work to do to incorporate logging in and search into the mobile app, and more performance improvements are coming.