Player FM 4.1 overhauled Android Auto! Download while roaming, create custom categories in a new way, colored playback notification + more

Player FM leveled up to the next 4.1 level! Following your feedback and taking into account your safety, we revamped Android Auto, aside from the other updates we made to the app.

Android Auto updates

The best drivers are aware that they must beware. So are we. Based on your feedback, we’ve updated the Android Auto user interface, and made it even simpler and more transparent so that you can drive safely while browsing and listening to podcasts. You can now easily access your categories, playlists (for premium users) and recently played episodes and start playing. Also, more content is loaded now, so that you can browse more episodes (subscriptions, play later, etc.) on Android Auto, when parked.

Download while roaming

The main reason we previously disabled downloading while roaming were the costly hurricane-sized bills users may incur every time they go abroad. After careful consideration, and based on your feedback (thank you very much!), it’s now possible to download your favorite podcasts while roaming, anywhere. But, we didn’t leave you totally defenseless in the “claws” of roaming, as we implemented a safety switch in Settings | Downloads, so that you can stop downloading in the blink of an eye, whenever you feel low on data.

The setting is invisible in Downloads, by default, so as to prevent it from being accidentally enabled. To make it visible, you need to allow Downloading while roaming from Downloads > Queued tab via a toggle. Once enabled, it will become visible in Downloads settings permanently.

New way to create custom categories and playlists (for premium users)

It is said that there is always another way, and we agree with it. From now on, you can create new categories in [Shows]. Tap on the 3-dot icon, select [New category…] pick a name, add the shows you like and start rocking – as simple as that.

Colored playback notification (Android Oreo and later OS versions)

The world isn’t just black and white – our playback notification isn’t either. From now on, you can enjoy the full spectrum of colors in our playback notifications, based on the podcasts’ images, on Android Oreo or newer OS versions. We added an enable/disable toggle in Settings | Notifications, too.

Improved screen transition

From now on, you can move like greased lightning, as jumping from your subscriptions to individual shows is now faster and slicker than ever.

Plus more…

Other updates include:
– Improved tablet interface
– Option to delete the downloaded file of currently played episode
– Sync play position of the current episode (for premium users)
– Bookmarks creation & triple-click action added to headset controls (for premium users)
– Sort options for subcategories of Downloads screen
– A new theme button on the main Settings screen
– Option to hide the margin between podcast thumbnails on Shows screen (series grid view) in Display settings
– [Subscriptions] is now renamed to [Shows] on Android Wear
– + so much more

One more thing — our iOS app is now in beta. If you want to be part of the experience, you can jump in, by entering your email address on

Grab your phones, go to Google Play Store, download our app and start enjoying podcasts.