Surf Fast: A Redesign For Player FM

Welcome to the new-look Player FM. The new UI has been designed to make it easy to jump between channels, to overview a channels at a glance, and to show your own channel in more places.

Following responsive design principles as always, these enhancements are available to users of mobiles, tablets, and desktops at any size.

Side Menu: Topic-Surf With Ease

The new side menu allows you to explore all of our topics. It’s shown on the homepage so you can always find it by typing in And it’s shown on topic pages, as well as your own channel page, so you can easily jump off to another topic.

Carousel: Explore A Channel’s Composition

The carousel on top of each channel shows the series that make it up. You can slide it left and right, and swipe it on touch devices. Clicking on a series will scroll down the page to the relevant entry.

Episodes Front and Center

You’ll notice the new design emphasises individual episodes much more, being the main element in the middle of the page. These are the things that change the most, so these are the things you’ll want to see first when visiting a topic page or looking at your own channel.

Your Stuff

Content from your own channel is now shown in the right sidebar, bringing your favourite episodes to many more places as you browse the site.

News-Y Sidebar

Posts from Player FM’s blog and social accounts are now available on the homepage.

Lots of Tweaks

You’ll also notice lots of small changes, with more to come. One important point for regular users: Channels no longer have an Edit button. The separate Edit mode wasn’t very useful, because most of the time users just manage their channel by hitting Subscribe and Unsubscribe buttons on their own channel and elsewhere. One thing it did allow advanced users to do is to bring new series into Player FM. To that end, I’ve made available a new feed importer tool which is available from the Edit tab on your own channel. I’ll also bring back OPML imports, and in a more intuitive way.