Roll out the red carpet for Player FM iOS 1.2

Player FM 1.2 for iOS is here and ready to kick off 2019 right as we are here to give you more good stuff. After a few months, we’ve already made many updates to ensure you have the best listening experience ever! So lets get this show on the road…

All new full-screen player

This truly deserves to be in the limelight – Feast your eyes on the new full-screen player! We’ve made a few tweaks on the full-screen player which we are sure you will love! Get all the icons you need on the top part (like airplay, likes and chromecast), get to easily adjust your play position by using the slider (which is also thicker to manage it better), plus no need for you to go to another screen as you can now access episode details (and shownotes!) right on the full-screen player by simply tapping [About].
You’ve been asking for it and now you got it! Airplay and Chromecast support are also now available. Let these two icons steal the show as you get to stream or cast using Airplay or Chromecast to play your favorite podcast on your iPhone with Player FM!

See what’s coming up

The show must go on but you can go straight to what you find interesting as Player FM now supports chapters! Get to jump from one chapter to another by opening the full player and tap on [Chapters] to see the list of chapters. Found a chapter so fascinating and can’t wait to have your friends listen to it? Worry no more, as you can easily send it to them by clicking on the Share button for the particular chapter!

For your viewing pleasure

Grab your popcorn and get to enjoy your favorite video podcasts as video support is now available on Player FM for iPhone. You can also tap on the expand mode and and watch your video transition from regular to bigger and better video experience as you can also switch to landscape mode. Plus, activate jump mode for your play position by simply double tapping on the left or right side of the screen.

Your podcasts at a glance

Get to see and control your playback for current episode plus latest episodes of your subscription directly from your homescreen by using our all-new widget! Don’t have it yet? Go ahead and add it by swiping to the right on your device’s Lock or Home screen, click Edit at the very bottom of the page, look for Player FM, then tap the ‘+’ green icon. Save time and resume your current episode by simply tapping on the thumbnail on the widget.

A feast for the eyes and the ears

While podcast may be about the listening experience, some publishers work hard to provide you a custom artwork per episode. Get to see some of your favorite shows who uses artwork such as Ted Talks, The Joe Rogan Experience, and more. Feast your eyes and get to view the artwork on the episode detail screen, mini player and your full screen player.

Like viewing the trailer to an upcoming movie

Want to know more about the episode before listening to it? All you have to do is to click on the episode, then get to see the episode details. What’s more, click on the 3-dots on the series and click on links and get all pertinent links such as publisher’s link, RSS feed and more.

Ease of searching

Lets get the show on the road by utilizing the newly-improved search function! Heard about an episode that interest you? Well, you may go ahead and search for it by going to the series detail screen and type it on the search bar located on that screen. Don’t know which podcast series that episode belongs to? Then head on to the Discover tab and search for the episode from there.

Before you move to the next update, we also want to inform you that Search function via Discover tab has now been improved. As you type in the search bar, you will see three things: auto-complete suggestions, series you are subscribed to and recommended series (based on what you’ve typed) you can subscribe to. ! Get to subscribe to the series you’ve searched for on that screen plus other series (you’ll never know, but that’s where you might see your “next” favorite series!)

Search while on your home screen

A new option has opened up for you to easily locate your favorite podcast series or episode. Get to utilize your iPhone’s spotlight search in this new update. Just type the series or episode title on your iOS search. A single tap will take you directly to the app to open the episode or series.

Support for new languages

You’ve been clamoring for it so here you go: We now support Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Hindi and Hebrew languages! You are the one to run the show so go ahead and switch to see the app in these local languages. Just go to Settings > Display > Language to pick your preferred language.

Get in touch with your creative side

Be the star with our theme editor! Add a splash of color in your life and deviate from the norm by choosing from our wide selection of themes or get in touch with your creative side and create your own.

Skip the last seconds

The mark played end-zone is finally here in Player FM for iPhone! Now you can get to customize when to mark an episode as played. The app will give you 4 options for you to use if you want to skip the closing caption: End of episode, 10 seconds before end of episode, 30 seconds before end of episode, 1 minute before end of episode. You can select to your preference by simply going to Playback Settings.

Mark ’em played

Switching to Player FM and organizing your podcast to mark all episodes you’ve listened to one by one can be a hassle. With Player FM for iPhone, you can now go to the last episode you’ve listened to and select Mark all played up to here and watch all episodes below it get marked as played.

The show is not yet over! Here are some other notable updates:

  • Streaming icon on the mini-player
  • Get to utilize shortcut actions from your Apple headphones
  • Lockscreen controls changed to jump back/forward
  • Show message if the episode was removed from feed
  • Get pre-selected matching categories when you subscribed to a series
  • Receive e-mail recommendations weekly
  • Bug fixings and performance issues
  • Download our app in Apple App Store now, for an enhanced, distraction-free, podcast listening experience!