!player – Search Podcasts on DuckDuckGo, with a Bang

The DuckDuckGo search engine has grown and grown over recent years, now serving over a million queries per day I’m pleased to announce DuckDuckGo has now integrated Player FM’s podcast search, using their “!Bang” feature for cross-site searches. This is helpful for anyone doing research on a topic, who decides they want to burrow deeper and maybe even play a conversation in the background while continuing with their research on the topic.

If you haven’t seen DuckDuckGo’s !Bang before, here’s an example. The !youtube query below will redirect over to YouTube and continue searching for the query there.

Now, with the new Player FM Bang, DuckDuckGo users can search over 600,000 live podcast episodes by appending !player to their search:

This will take you straight to Player FM’s search results:

Power searchers will be pleased to note Player FM’s custom search grammar works right from inside the DuckDuckGo search box:

The quotes and minus sign entered on DuckDuckGo are acknowledged by Player FM:

That’s all for now. I’ll be introducing a major user-interface upgrade on homepage and channel pages soon, but meanwhile, give !player a whirl at DuckDuckGo!