Player FM v3.1 revamps podcasting experience

We’ve been listening to a lot of user feedback here and here, so after major features were introduced in v3.0, we worked on a design update based on feature requests by fellow podcast junkies.

Night and AMOLED power-saving display themes

A lot of us listen to podcasts at night. Enable the ‘Night’ theme mode under Display settings to reduce glare so looking at the screen in a dark room is easier on the eyes. There’s also the AMOLED power-saving ‘Black’ theme that helps AMOLED device owners prolong their battery life – less pixels to paint means more shows to play. You can also switch display themes by tapping on your logo/avatar in the side menu.

New ‘Download-only’ switch in Side Menu

We know that when you’re out and on 3G/4G, that you wanted a way to view & listen to just saved episodes while still being online. Save data by switching to a ‘downloaded-only’ view from the side menu so only episodes you’ve downloaded will be played. (Before, you can also make this happen automatically via Playback Settings.) A new “Downloaded only” indicator will be present on the top of the screen when this setting is active to remind you.

Sort Series Order and Custom Left/Right Swipe Actions

We heard you! After some time, our podcast list does get unwieldy – now you can sort your subscriptions series in grid view with options such as newest-first and alphabetical order, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve also received a number of comments on the default swipe actions so we made it so you can choose whether to swipe left or right to mark the episode as played or add it to the Play Later list. Now, you get to choose!

Player Updates

Adding to a polished Material Design interface, a new round-arrow design for the player forward and back buttons has been introduced that features the actual time value – so you always know you can go back 30 seconds to repeat or go forward 60 seconds. Also, you can now tap the time on the mini-player to toggle between played time and remaining time. On the full-player, tap on the right hand time-display to switch between total time and remaining time.

A Global podcasting app

We’re launching the app in the Japanese language, joining English, Spanish, German, Italian and Russian with more to follow. To coincide with this, we’ve revamped our Catalogue to add 25 featured topics (including Better Call Saul, Star Wars, Serial & Election 2016) as well curated shows for 30 countries including popular daily podcasts for Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, China and Japan.

We’re Listening

We sought to build an app to bring you the best podcast listening and discovery experience – we reached important benchmarks lately, having just reached over 1 million installs and given ‘Top Developer’ status on Play Store. Thank you for all of your patience and support but we’re pretty sure you have ideas too. Player FM v3.1 has just begun rollout and users should receive these features by the next day. Be the first to receive future updates by becoming a Beta Tester and let us know what feature you’d like to be added in the next update.