Player FM Updates: 124 Curated Channels with 1300+ Curated Series, Quick Channel Switcher, Improved Onboarding

Channel Updates

The Player FM researchers have continued to unearth high-quality, frequently updated, podcast series. We now have 124 topic-specific channels, each with an average of around 11 hand-picked series. The new update has focused on business, tech, programming, publishing, religion, specific industry verticals such as aviation and book, and “fandom” channels like Star Trek, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad. All that makes for one big channel cloud and I definitely have short-term plans to bring some structure to the growing list of featured channels before they take up the whole page! For posterity, the full list as it stands today is here.

One condition I’ve relaxed for channels applies to the new collection of “fandom” channels like . Many of these are tied to older films and TV seasons, and of course many people do watch those older shows. So in this case, I’m okay with a series not being updated in the past few weeks, as long as the original content is still intact.

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New Feature: Quick Channel Switcher

Up to now, viewing a channel’s latest episodes has involved opening the channel page. That’s great if you want all the detail of every series, but most of the time, you probably just want to see (and hear!) latest episodes. Now you can flick between channels without leaving the homepage.

Improved Onboarding

With a solid nod to Twitter’s suggested user lists feature, new users now have a starting point. The onboarding experience makes it easy to get started with subscriptions.