Player FM: Podcast Smarter

At the start of 2018, we boldly went where no one has gone before and made podcasting smarter. Intelligent syncing between devices, of subscriptions, playback positions, bookmarks and more features, as well as improved app performance and stability, have made the podlives of many users easier. Also, we broke the monotony and made the whole color spectrum available to users. For more details on the updates we made in the Android app, feel free to check our previous posts.

Here’s what we’ve done since then, as we told you that our sleeves are rolled up all the time.

UI upgrades and performance updates

As promised, we started with beautifying the web app and making it smoother and stabler. We changed its font to Lato, and now it is a sight for sore eyes – just have a look at it.

Personalized podcast recommendations

Yes, we’ve made that possible and we’ve made it personal! You will receive personalized podcast recommendations on the topics you love most, by email. Discover the trending-est episodes among your subscriptions and interests even if you are a rookie in the podsphere. You can enable this option in your Android app (Settings > Connection and Account) or the web app as you wish. This is only the first step towards a much more powerful recommendations of trending episodes, which will also surface somewhere else – we will keep the location a secret, for now. 😉

Improved syncing

You will no longer have to sweep the broom twice, as the category and playlist settings now sync. Episode sort order, series sort order, and “Track position” are now part of the big cloud family, which we will further expand in the future. Also, the web app now supports an “auto-remove” property for playlists. Play an episode in Play Later and it will be automatically removed from Play Later on every single device you have, just like the default Android app setting. You’re gonna like this!

Aside from the new features, we addressed many bugs reported by users (a big thank-you ladies and gents!) and further improved the apps and servers.

One more thing — our iOS app is now in beta (read more about it). If you want to be part of it, jump in.

That’s all for now — we are getting back to work! Whenever you need our help, and whenever you have suggestions to share, we’re just a message away.

Download Player FM in the Google Play Store and learn even more about podcasting smarter with Player FM’s premium plans.