Player FM iOS is in beta

Not even for a single moment did we forget about the iOS users. As mentioned in our previous blog post, we’ve been building the iOS app very carefully, step by step and incessantly.

Finally, the day when you can expand your podcast listening experience across all platforms has come. Player FM iOS is now in beta and we’ve started inviting the users who enrolled via If you’re interested in becoming a tester, feel free to click on the link and sign up anytime!

Since we are in beta, we’re aware the user interface isn’t yet “100% sparkling” in all areas. At this point, we’ve prioritized function over form, so you can expect an app that lets you:

  • cloud-sync all your custom categories, Play Later and playlists across all platforms (Android, iOS and web)
  • create custom categories and add podcasts to them
  • create custom playlists (premium plan users only)
  • configure auto-download options
  • play podcasts on continuous-play mode

The features above are just the first step closer to a better podcast listening experience. You may expect the following features to be implemented soon:

  • Refined UI
  • Bookmarks
  • Import
  • Parallel downloads
  • and much more!

To be able to test the app, ideally you need to have an iPhone running on the latest operating system (iOS 11), as we don’t support iPads at this stage.

Help us make the app even better with your feedback. Head to now, and be among the pioneers who will test Player FM iOS!