Player FM for Android 4.12: The “Bountiful Harvest” Edition

After weeks of “planting” improvements, finally it’s time to reap the fruits of our labor! On this first major release for our Android app in 2020, get awed by the abundance of features that will let you discover more podcasts, support your favorite podcasters, navigate on visually descriptive menus, and many others. Read further and know in detail the yields you can get from the new Player FM for Android 4.12: the “Bountiful Harvest” edition!

Reap more episodes that suit your taste

Not long ago, you would access the episode detail screen exclusively to browse on shownotes. But now, you can discover related episodes there too!

Powered by a smart algorithm, we’re bringing you even closer to podcasts you may not heard of but worth your listening time. If you’re asking how it works, well you just have to scroll down the screen a bit and the list of related episodes will be instantly shown for you to play, like, share or add to Play Later.

Along with podcast discovery features you’ve been enjoying in the Discover screen and other sections in the app, this new feature guarantees you to never run out of podcasts to binge on! But that doesn’t stop there as we’ll keep up the pace in keeping Player FM a go-to app not only for those who want to discover new podcasts but also for podcasters who want their shows to reach a wider range of audience.

Throw seeds of support to podcast publishers

Ever heard of a podcast so good it makes you want to (financially) support the creators? Well, you can now directly do that in the app with the new “Pay the publisher” link!

Found in the podcast series screen’s info section (as well as in the episode shownotes on the full player), this link appears when a publisher specified a payment URL in their podcast feed. Just by tapping on the link, you can instantly send some moolah to promising podcasters deserving of financial help!

This exciting feature isn’t only meant to give you (our users) a convenient way of supporting your favorite podcasts. It’s also meant to help bridge podcast publishers to you. If you haven’t known yet, we already built “bridges” in the past which let you access the publisher’s homepage from our app or browse on more info about them via Podchaser integration. With the new payment link feature, a new “bridge” has been built, and we aim to build more (e.g. provide analytics to publishers, develop a more interactive interface for users) to make that podcaster-listener connection stronger than ever.

Marvel at newly-landscaped menus

Did you find the app’s menus and dialogs lifeless? Well, that is so in the past now as we’ve just incorporated icons to them. Now you won’t only see options described in pure text as they did before, but they’re also visually represented by icons, giving you a better idea on how they work. This update is also part of our aim to modenize the app’s look, and soon we’ll proceed to do a major makeover of all existing icons.

Feast on a cornucopia of other exciting features

Alongside several bug fixes, version 4.12 also comes with these new useful features:

  • Episode search results now display episodes from a much wider variety of podcast series. Now you don’t need to settle with just a few podcasts when you can have a lot more!
  • The Like button is now shown upfront on your play history list, and we’ve made sure it’s visible enough for you to see it! Now all you’ll do is tap on on the heart icon to like (or un-like) episodes you’ve listened to.
  • The Re-download option is now more accessible should you ever encounter playback issues on any of your downloads. It’s now shown along with the error message, allowing you try to fix the problem with no delay.
  • We’ve updated the Themes screen so that it blends well with your chosen theme. Whether you’re using a light or a dark theme, this works automatically, letting you enjoy an eyesore-free interface.
  • The “remaining time” info now precedes with a minus sign. With it being more distinct, you can easily know what it means the next time you see it on the app’s players.

That’s a lot, right? All these so you can keep your love for podcasts growing more and more. So wait no further – download Player FM for Android 4.12 now!