Player FM for Android 4.11: UI updates on episode lists and series detail screens, bug fixes and more

We are down to the last 2 months of 2019, but that won’t stop exciting updates from coming in to the podcast app you love. Dubbed as the “New blood” edition, this month’s release primarily showcases a fresh and much-improved look for episode lists and series detail screens. Of course, there are more features that come with it, so read further and behold Player FM for Android 4.11!

Trendier episode lists

We’ve further improved the episodes list’s interface. You will notice a cleaner, more stylish interface. This makes the overall screen uncluttered, eye-friendly, and free from distraction so you can focus on the episode details and info of your favorite podcasts.

Refined series detail info UI

Easily access series descriptions, series tags and related series directly on the series detail screen. For unsubscribed series, tap on the down arrow to display the info. For subscribed series, tap on the info icon located on the upper part of the screen to show the info.

Additional intent support for resume playback

Want more control for Player FM from apps like Tasker, IFTTT or similar? You can now make use of the “resume” intent in addition to the existing playback control intents. So, when you are ready to listen again to your favorite episode using Tasker or IFTTT, you can take advantage of the “resume” intent to continue playing where you left off.

Simplified auto-download setting

The auto-download setting is now simplified which is just right for your needs. We made each option label more concise and less confusing, so you won’t need to spend too much time configuring it. It will also benefit first-time users to select the option that fits best with their podcast listening habit.

Full player menu icon modernized

A more obvious full player menu icon is now in place. Previously depicted with a 3-dot icon, the menu now has a new icon, making it more noticeable especially to new users. You can still find it at the upper-right part of the screen should you want to configure settings when on full player. We’re also centering the icons on the full player top controls such as the Like icon to achieve a balanced look.

Enhanced detail screen animation

Experience a more fluid series and episode detail screen animation. Slide-in animation to display the detail screen is well-used on most apps these days, and we’re pleased to announce we’ve just implemented the same on our app. Also, as a result of some experiments, we removed the ability to swipe between detail screens since most of our users do not perceive it as intuitive, plus it affects performance loading since multiple series/episodes are being loaded at the same time.

Bug fixes

Wait no more — download Player FM 4.11 on Google Play now!