Player FM for Android 4.10: Enhanced Discover, advanced audio support for M4A, bug fixes and more

Player FM for Android 4.10 levels up your podcast listening experience this month. From doing under-the-hood updates for the Discover screen up to extending advanced audio to M4A files, all these are rolled into one update for you this month. So grab your phones now and check all these new features we built just for you!

Enhanced Discover with superior recommendations

Last month, we worked on the new Discover interface as what the iOS app has. For this release, we did under-the-hood updates that will give you superior recommendations. The Discover screen will now show you much better series and episode recommendations based on what you enjoy listening to give you more podcasts to explore.

Advanced audio now supports M4A

Episodes in M4A format have always been playable on our app. But with advanced audio finally supporting M4As, you can now enjoy them with existing cool features like play speed, boost volume, skip silence and reduce noise. Many of you have been requesting this, and we’re happy to announce it’s finally available so you can have a much more convenient time binge-listening to podcasts.

Heart all those episodes quickly

We made it easier for you to like multiple episodes without spending too much time tapping on action buttons. All you need to do is multi-select episodes the usual way and a like option will now be available for you to instantly like them without having to open individual episode screens or access a different menu. To do this, simply long-press a single episode so you can select more, then tap on the heart icon located on the top bar.

Unified and boosted Search

Get more out of your search query with the improved search results screen. Now, you don’t have to switch between tabs since the main ‘Top’ tab will now show not only top series but latest episodes.

Refined series lists

The series list now gets even better with bigger thumbnails and bigger titles which makes selecting your favorite podcasts much easier. Whether your phone has a smaller screen size or a bigger one, the lists of series are optimized to give you a better overview of what to listen to next.

Themed menus

Themes now take effect even on the app’s menus. With this update, you’re assured to have not only a more user-friendly but also a more eye-friendly podcast app.

Bug fixes

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