Player FM 4.4 Interactive Player, Improved Search, Interface updates + more!

A few months have passed since we launched 4.3. With so much positive feedback, we’re back to bringing you more good stuff. Thank you for your cooperation and for sticking with us this new year. And without further ado, sit back and relax as we unfold the curtain for the starring roles of this edition.

Action-packed Interactive Player

You’ll love the all-new interactive player since you can now listen to your favorite episodes and read the show notes without leaving the fullscreen player. Yep, there’s a newly added button right below the podcast artwork and when tapped, voila! It will unveil the episode show notes. Not to mention the updated button controls of the fullscreen player plus the animations added while dragging the miniplayer up to turn it into a fullscreen player. Try it and see it in action.

Improved Search franchise

Searching for podcast series and episodes has been updated. Publisher metadata is better utilized to give you faster and more accurate search results for series, episodes, and topics. You will also see the new auto-complete screen and episode searching will also include local database.

The Hollywood of new languages

More foreign languages are supported such as Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Hindi, and Hebrew so you can switch to see the app in these local languages. You can now pick your preferred language or the app defaults it to your device’s language.

A close up show to the interface updates

Let us even take you to the edge of your seat with more interface updates. Your playback notification will now indicate a streaming status when streaming an episode so you know that you are not playing a downloaded episode, maybe you need to stock up again? Also, you will be informed if you are playing an episode from backup* New episode notifications now uses on/off toggle instead of buttons.

Now showing: Added way to subscribe

Let’s zoom in to Subscriptions. You can now subscribe to a series from episode detail screen. So if you are playing an episode and decided you want to subscribe to it, look for the 3-dots and tap on Subscribe. Subscribe buttons now shows + and – sign. On the other hand, if you accidentally unsubscribe, you can tap the undo option to revert the action. We’ve also enhanced the empty shows screen so you always get suggestions to fill this screen up. Also, you can easily switch to a new theme with a bigger theme switcher button in Settings.

And here are the supporting roles of this edition:

  • Bookmarks now display a solid play button
  • Tooltip when switching views for the first time
  • Notifications settings tweaks
  • Renaming App font to just Font and moved Theme settings
  • Updated Download limits screen
  • Allow auto-capitalization of the first letter of a sentence when typing in the text box in Settings > Help > [Contact us]
  • Adaptive sync option clickable description
  • Continuous play stream warning tweaks
  • Creating a new theme will always be based on Classic theme

Bug fixes

Aside from these box-office feature updates, we also fixed some bugs and performance issues.

And before the curtain closes please download our app in Google Play Store or in Apple App Store now, for an enhanced, worry-free, podcast listening experience!