Player FM 4.3 Adaptive Sync, Improved Download Limits, Mark-played end zone +++ more!

We are happy to announce the release of version 4.3. Introducing the new “Adaptive” sync, mark-played end zone and many more features which will take your daily listening to another level of podcast paradise!

Let’s have a tour of the features and updates!

New “Adaptive” Sync Option

To save you battery and bandwidth, we’ve introduced a new adaptive sync interval option. With this set, episode and subscription updates will be performed based on your app usage. If you’re not actively using the app for a few days, it will back off and sync less often. That’s how flexible it is. Turn it on in Connection Settings > [How often to update].

Pull-to-Refresh Action on Series Detail Screen

Stay up to date with your favorite series using the new pull-to-refresh action on series detail screen. Did your favorite podcaster just announce a new episode on Twitter? You no longer need to wait for our cloud based servers to fetch it! Just open the series screen and pull the screen down to get it straight to your phone in seconds.

Manage Series Download Limits

Let’s make things even easier for you when it comes to setting up your download limits. You can now configure your download limits for all your subscriptions on a single screen. Go to Settings > Downloads > Series download limit.

Mark-played End Zone

You don’t always want to hear a long wind-down, but if you jump to the next episode prematurely, the episode won’t be marked as played. Until now. With this new setting, you can customize your “mark-played end zone”. For example, if you set it to 60 seconds, the episode will be marked played as soon as you are anywhere in the last minute. Assuming you have the default setting to delete played episodes and remove them from your Play Later list, all of that will apply to episodes marked as played this way.

Multi-select Option for Downloading and Deleting Episodes

With the multi-select option you can now download and delete bulk episodes at once. You may do this by long pressing an episode and select the other episodes then click on download or delete button. Time saver!

Android Pie (OS 9) Compatibility

You can now enjoy flawless podcast listening experience and improved battery life as the app is made compatible with the latest Android operating system – Android Pie.

And more

And the list of updates and features continues:

  • Browse episodes much quicker as the “countdown delay” when swiping on the full-screen player is now much faster, based on your feedback.
  • Sort order is now on the series detail screen menu for non-subscribed shows.
  • Easily view and configure your notifications with the new subscription categories filter in “New episode notifications” settings.
  • The undo button will be shown for longer after swipe actions, making it is easier to revert.
  • An animated slide effect has been added when navigating Settings.
  • Improved shadow of bottom navigation tabs.
  • Episode will not be marked as played automatically when “Remember play history” is disabled in playlist’s settings.
  • Access your local media and playlists in Android Auto.
  • New custom share dialog when sharing a series, subscription category, playlist or topic. Similar to the episode share dialog.
  • Bug fixes

You can’t miss this! Go to Google Play Store now and download our app and experience everything 4.3!