Player FM Customizable full-screen player, bug fixes and more + web-app updates

We didn’t stop improving the app since the release of v4.0. We rolled up our sleeves and actively developed Player FM all the time. Here’s the rundown.

Interactive full-screen player
The full-screen is cluttered with icons I don’t need;” “The sleep-timer is missing on the full-screen player – I want it back;” “Who needs the mark-as-played icon on the big screen – I don’t.” These are some of the case scenarios we frequently encountered and that led us to make the full-screen player more interactive. From now on, you can take things in your own hands and tailor the top-control area of the full-screen player the way you like. The sleep-timer icon, the mark-as-played icon, speed control and other icons can be made visible or invisible with a single tap, depending on your preferences. To set this up, go to Settings > Display > Full-screen player top controls.

Web-app updates
Aside from further improving the app, we focused on making the link between the Android app and the web app stronger and from now on:
– episode order will sync in the cloud, between Android and web. Whenever you open series in the web app, they will be shown in the exact same order you selected in the Android app. 🔷
– the web app will support premium upgrades. You may upgrade your account and pay directly via credit card.

Other updates:
– The file path of downloaded episodes can now be copied. You may do this by tapping on the “Downloaded” status found on the episode detail screen and then long-pressing the file path. This can also be done by accessing the “Downloaded file” section of the “Links” dialog.

Bug fixes
– The new-episode notification buttons will no longer be blank.
– The issue with playing files from the “Audio” category of the device’s file manager has been fixed.
– The shake-to-extend option is now less sensitive. The sleep timer will extend only once and it will ignore the additional shakes.🔷

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  • All the updates with 🔷 are related to premium plans.