Player FM 2.8.2 gets more space to explore

What else to listen to?

We want you to find out more podcast shows that you will like.

That is why we rolled out v2.8.2 with more space to explore podcasts to listen to and follow. From the Discover window – just click ‘More in Catalogue’ and you can choose from Popular, Trending and Latest to discover new podcast shows. You can also access Catalogue by clicking on the three bars on the upper right.

So is it downloading?

We’ve also updated the Downloads screen to help you monitor progress and browse downloaded as well as queued episodes. So you never have to ask.

We’re currently working on a lot of updates to the service, based on your feedback and some things we’ve wanted to do with the app that we think would improve your listening experience.

Live life on the fast lane and be a beta tester.