Now you can search over 600,000 podcast episodes on Player FM

Search has been the most demanded feature on Player FM’s UserVoice forum and I’m pleased to say it’s now here! It comes at a point where we have 600,000 episodes indexed, synchronised with about 10,000 podcast series, so if you’re looking for a listen on just about any topic, enter it into the search bar. You’ll find it on top of every page.

The search results are focused on individual episodes, but will also bring up matching series and featured channels (curated “mega-lists” on various topics). By default, episodes are ordered by date…latest episodes first.

Search Format

Search works similarly to Google search. When you enter two or more terms, it will look for shows matching all terms you enter. Not just one term, but all terms, must match.

You can search for a phrase by including it in quotes.

And you can exclude a term by including a “-” before it.

Search Options

There are various search options available too, if you hit “Advanced Search”. You can restrict results by episode duration, time, and sort by relevance instead of date. You can also turn on safe search to avoid podcasts marked as explicit.

Easy to Bookmark and Share

As with most things Player FM, we care about clean URLs. To bookmark or share a search on batman, for example, just use