No sweat! Player FM for iPhone 1.3 makes importing a breeze PLUS search updates and bug fixes!

Player FM 1.3 for iOS now guarantees easy switching over from one podcast to another and serves up newly-released podcasts in our all-new Import setting! Our aim is to keep this platform open so you can keep listening to your favorite podcasts hassle-free and at the same time, continuously supporting podcasters while encouraging the podcasting community to have an open catalog which we believe benefits both listeners and publishers.

Want to know all the ways you can benefit from this new setting? Let’s go through them one by one:

Add official RSS feed

Saw your favorite podcaster just announced a new podcast series on their Twitter page? Now you don’t have to go to our web app just to import a podcast series as you can do it directly on the app! So long as you have the official RSS feed, you may now go straight to Settings | Import, select “Add official RSS feed” and watch it get added to your subscriptions and be one of the first to hear the first episode!

Add private RSS feed

One podcast app for all your podcast needs! Is your current app not allowing you to import your Patreon feed? Or are you finding it tedious to go to the web app just to import those private feeds? Now, you can be one of the first people to hear the premiere episode! Start importing your private feeds such as Patreon feeds when you tap “Add private RSS feed” right on your Player FM app!

Copy from another app

We all know it can be a hassle when you find yourself wanting to jump ship from one podcast app to another. Now you can import all your subscriptions from another app using our OPML import! Simply tap on “Export OPML” from your previous app then select [Copy to Player FM] from the list. This will also allow you to easily import podcasts that we don’t have yet on our catalog. Now, all your subscriptions from your previous podcast app will appear in your Player FM app as if by magic!

This new update also includes:
• More accurate search – Now search will include results from different languages if it matches the keywords you typed in.
• Performance and bug fixes

Download our app in Apple App Store now, for an enhanced, distraction-free, podcast listening experience!