New, Improved, Feed Importing

Happy New Year! I hope you had a good break and picked up one or two new gadgets to play with. Maybe you discovered a few new podcasts too, in which case, read on …

When I upgraded to the new look a couple weeks back, I mentioned that OPML import was missing. It’s now back again, meaning you can add feeds from other podcast apps.

This tool will show you the feed if we already have it; otherwise, it will look it up and add it to Player FM.

The new OPML import is hopefully a bit more friendly in a couple of ways. First, it auto-refreshes, unlike the original OPML, which said “it will update in a few minutes” but didn’t tell you when it was ready. Second, the OPML import doesn’t automatically subscribe you to the shows you’ve imported. You can hit the Subscribe button next to those you want to add into Player FM.

As well as OPML import, there’s also the ability to add a list of raw URLs. These can be feed URLs, but also – another new capability – you can add iTunes web pages as well as general web pages. The web page functionality relies on RSS Auto-discovery, so won’t always be supported by the publisher, but iTunes web pages should be quite reliable.