Never miss a single episode of your preferred topics

Are you fed up with listening to podcasts which are simply not your cup of tea? Do you want to get only the right information from the right podcasts? We’ve been making our intelligent algorithms smarter so that they recommend you the right episodes, and guess what – you can receive the recommendations via email, on a weekly basis. We are making the first steps towards much more powerful recommendations of the right trending episodes to the right people, which are also to emerge in the app’s “Discover” tab very soon.

You may opt in and get weekly recommendations by email at (available in the web app for now, but will be made available in the Android app, too). Just tick the check box and start receiving recommendations via email (every email client is acceptable).

Your feedback on this feature will be of great help to us and will definitely contribute to enhancing this feature further.

If you have other questions of suggestions, feel free to bring them up.