Move Quick: Keyboard Shortcuts Arrive on Player FM

Keyboard shortcuts are the web trend no-one knows about. Only in hushed circles will you learn that Twitter, Google, GitHub, and others are all working tirelessly to end world dependency on the mouse. Yes, it’s true. And if you visit Twitter right now and hit “?”, you too can learn how to browse, search, and compose without ever lifting your hands off your keyboard.

And now, Player FM lets you go mouse-free too. Hit “?” any time on any Player FM page to see the shortcuts you can use:

I should explain that seeking can be slow at times; since the website streams directly from publishers’ servers, it depends on their respective server setup how nicely it will respond to jumping around the track. Unfortunately, some servers need to load everything up until that point, so if you go forward 10 minutes, it will need to load 10 minutes of audio.

Also, you might wonder how next and previous work. What playlist do they move through? The playlist is the list of episodes the current episode first appeared in, as shown in the image below. If I start playing the Tim Burton episode, the next track will be the one below it and the previous track will be the one above it. This is even true if you navigate away from the Kermode page; the player remembers the most recent time you started any episode.

As you can see on the screenshot, this is still experimental and I’d love to hear from people who have suggestions for further shortcuts or anyone encountering difficulty with these, which might happen on certain international keyboards. Note that web app shortcuts should generally be just simple keys, not modifiers like ctrl, shift, alt, etc., to avoid conflicting with built-in browser and operating system shortcuts. And also the space bar (which would be the ideal choice for play/pause) is reserved for scrolling. I used this Wikipedia page to help ensure the keyboard shortcuts will work reasonably well across different layouts, but I can probably do more if there are any major issues with certain layouts.

Special thanks to Stuart Memo and others who participated in this Google Plus thread to help plan this feature.