Look Sharp: Better Replacement Images

Most podcasts have pretty good “album art” images…as with mobile apps, it’s the first impression and the way they often get discovered.

Unfortunately, some don’t.

In some cases, they never created an image in the first place. In other cases, they stuck with the default branding of their publishing system. And sometimes, they only check if it’s working in iTunes, which might have saved their old image years ago, so the publisher doesn’t actually realise the image in their feed is no longer working!

Whatever the case, it’s not so pretty when you see this:

So Player FM now allows for feed images to be overridden. If a feed doesn’t include an image, we can manually set it after searching for the image online. And if we can’t find the podcast’s official image, we’ll automatically add one with the right label:

We have a back-end tool to make it easy for Player FM’s researchers to quickly add replacement images, so we’ve now gone through all 2000 or so featured series and ensured they have good images, and will do so for non-featured images soon. Image overriding is only available to the researcher team for now, but as I work to wikify content, it will become available for more users.