Keep Them Coming: 100+ New Channels on Player FM

As of today, Player FM has 230 curated channels on the site. Since the last content update a month back, the research team has continued to dig deep and found fresh audio content on 106 new niche topics.

We’ve added language learning channels (English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish), about a dozen new “fandom” channels themed around TV shows and movies (Breaking Bad has been the most popular of these lately, with Batman and Mad Men providing some stiff competition). And a wide range of music and education topics too, as well as professions and discliplines like fashion and beauty, design, psychology, and linguistics.

I’ve updated the homepage to help deal with all these new channels. It’s still a work in progress, but hopefully it’s easier way to find what you’re looking for now.

In other news, the app finally works in Internet Explorer. Well, IE9 at least! Users of IE6-IE8 should be prompted for Chrome frame support. The app also works on IE in Windows Phone, but again I have to give a caveat here, and it’s a big one. Due to the problems WP7 has with loading external fonts, icons are broken. (I did tell you this was going to be a biggie.) At least we know the app is tantalisingly close to functional, and I have a task on the backlog to get this up to speed. (Full disc
losure: I am the fortunate recipient of a WP7 test device from Microsoft Developer Relations.)

Finally, I’ve improved the basic player for Android browser. It now supports seeking in both directions, shows duration, and is overall more responsive. However, this work has also uncovered a major bug with Android Browser. In short, any phone call or text message will cause a paused track to resume. This is surprisingly difficult to work around, so for the time being I’ve left this behaviour as is. I can’t unfortunately recommend switching to Chrome until its own bug is fixed, where it stops playback altogether when the screen is turned off or the app switches. Please star this bug on Google’s tracker if you’d like them to fix it.