Juggling Act: Batch episode actions on Player FM for Android

New in 1.3: Multi-Select

We released Player FM 1.3 a few days ago and it includes a feature we hope will help you juggle your podcasts like a Pro. It’s the ability to select multiple episodes similar to the way GMail lets you select multiple emails.

Long-hold any episode and watch the action bar transform before your eyes:

In this mode, you can check as many episodes as you like, and you’ll see the quantity appear on the top-left. Feel free to swipe left and right as usual, to navigate among channels, as you can happily select episodes from different channels as part of a single operation.

Once multiple episodes have been selected, you can perform three possible actions: Share them; add them to your Play Later list; or mark them all as played. (Of course, the reverse actions are also available in the event you initially chose an episode that is already in a certain state.)

The selection mode replaces the old context menu which was revealed upon long-press. You can still perform the same operations in the same number of taps, but now you can do much more too. You’ll also notice new icons for Play Later (using a pinning metaphor) and Mark as Played (tick and play button).

To Inbox Zero and Beyond!

Okay, but some of you want to do more than select a handful of episodes … you want to select the whole lot and mark them as played. Inbox Zero for podcasts, as it were. As of today, that’s possible too — check out our 1.3.1 release, which should land on Play a few hours from now:

This is launched from the top-right overflow menu and applies to whichever channel you’re in. So to mark all episodes, simply launch it from Everything.

Slice and Dice

I hope these advanced features help you take control of your podcast collection, letting you save for later what matters to you and wipe out what doesn’t. If you’d like to see anything else here, please send suggestions to mike@player.fm or leave them at the Uservoice board. Thanks!