Indulge in a podcast buffet with the newly-revamped Discover screen on Player FM for iPhone 4.0!

Did you know there are over 700,000 podcasts now? And each week, over a thousand new podcasts are born? That’s great news for podcast listeners, however it can be quite a challenge for them now to find shows they want from a vast haystack of podcasts. That’s why we’ve decided to extensively refine how our app discovers podcasts for you. And the result: Player FM for iPhone 4.0!

Originally marked as version 1.6, we’ve renamed this latest update to 4.0 because we believe we can now say our iPhone app has significantly caught up in terms of features that were previously available only in our Android app (e.g. advanced audio, feed import tool, video playback). And bearing the codename “Electric Buffet”, version 4.0 debuts a revamped Discover screen which boasts a fresh new look, and is powered up to recommend more new and trending podcasts for you to feast on.

Appetizing interface

The old Discover screen used to only showcase a single list of episodes. But with its brand-new layout, you can now see multiple sections of podcasts – both podcast series and episodes – beautifully displayed not just in lists, but also in a slider and carousels. The top portion of Discover now features a simplified navigation bar that lets you find podcasts by topic in a breeze, or view trending and video podcasts. Right below the top bar is the elegantly designed hero slider, which is so inviting you would want to check out the episodes it previews every few seconds. Furthermore, just in case you want to search for a specific podcast or topic, we’ve placed the search bar right on top of the slider for your convenience.

The lower portions of the Discover screen are as appealing as the ones on top. Featuring a list of popular episodes and a carousel of series recommended for you, you’re now assured to get those podcasts that are worth subscribing and listening to. There are also episode lists and series carousels that are cleanly sorted by topic. In addition, the new Discover now features an ‘Explore’ section which contains pills of popular tags you can tap on. Those said, you can expect spending much lesser time finding the right podcasts that suit your auditory palate!

Tastier recommendations

The Discover screen isn’t only tweaked on the outside; it’s modified on the inside too! We’ve re-calibrated the way it recommends podcasts. Now, it looks into several facets which include your listening history, favorite topics, subscriptions, as well as popular topics. Moreover, we’ve ensured every podcast featured in Discover is unique. Not only that, we’ve also made sure they’re all new and trending. This means zero duplicates and zero outdated podcasts! It’s also worth mentioning Discover now gives you a different set of podcast recommendations every time you open or refresh the app.

With these modifications on Discover, you’re guaranteed to get a lot more podcasts you surely want to indulge in. It’s like being in front of a long table full of delicious food served fresh and hot! Hence, the app’s sobriquet “Electric Buffet”. 🙂

And for a much satisfying podcast dig-in, we’ve carried out strings of server and content updates so you can also enjoy the following perks on v4.0:

  • Much improved search results now that series and episode tags have been overhauled and prioritized
  • Better series recommendations when you access ‘Related’ from a podcast’s detail screen
  • Easier access to notable serial podcasts just by browsing on the new ‘Binge-Worthy’ topics in Discover | Topics

This version also includes several bug fixes and performance updates.

Get 4.0 on the App Store now, and binge on more podcasts to your heart’s content!