Google Plus Sign-In and Sharing

Player FM now supports Google Plus sign-in and sharing.

The signup page overall got a much-needed facelift too. ABP … Always be prettifying!

Social signup will make it easier to show you what your friends are subscribed to..that’s *if( they’ve made their channel public, since it’s now possible to set make profiles and channels private (everything was previously public). I’m still talking to the G+ platform team to iron out the friend discovery capability.

The share buttons on each episode have always been powered by ShareThis, but if you hit the Google button in the middle and allow the popup, it actually works as a special Google Plus share. Which ends up looking like this:

Should you sign in with Google, Player FM will show up in your profile. Neat, eh?

On a technical note, this is actually the third iteration of Google logins for Player FM, and hopefully the last! I launched with Open ID login, mainly because the decision seemed arbitrary at the time and I wanted to get the site up and running. As I begun development on an Android app, I soon learned OAuth is the way forward for Google, so switched over accounts in a somewhat awkward process. I’ve since de-commissioned those accounts which never logged in to make the move. And just when I was completing that exercise, Google made their big Plus announcements. Having battled through the migration to OAuth, I wanted to be sure we understood the implications of this before putting the Android app in the wild. So it too will support G+ login.