Get your cast on: Player FM 1.5 does Chromecast

Chromecast Podcasts

Bit exciting to announce Chromecast support for Player FM’s Android app.

Go yoink Player FM now from Play and get casting

As I mentioned the other day, I was skeptical about how much value TV playback has for audio podcasts, but there was substantial demand and after testing this for several weeks, it gets solid usage. We were going to make it happen after 2.0, but given demand, we decided to get this into a 1.5 release.

While Chromecast today works with TVs, it’s not hard to imagine a future of Chromecast-enabled speakers and other appliances. You can also imagine Chromecast being a convenient standard for airplane screens, treadmills, cars, and so on. I’m glad Player FM is able to take a first step in that direction.

Image via PlaceIt