Gauge your love for podcasts with the new Stats screen on Player FM for iPhone 4.1!

A new version has just arrived, and this one’s pretty huge especially for those who want to keep track of their podcast listening habit. Alongside major UI updates, it showcases a brand-new Stats screen which measures things that matter to you when listening to podcasts.

Want to know more? Read further and start scoring big in stats just like how you strive to score big in your favorite video game. This is Player FM for iPhone 4.1: “Top Score” edition!

Your podcasting habit by the numbers

Users of our Android app have been enjoying this for some time now, and it’s your turn to experience it on your iPhone! Located in Settings, the Stats screen is your go-to place to check how well you’ve been doing so far in enjoying podcasts. In just a single screen, you can find out how many hours you’ve played, how many series you’re subscribed to, how many episodes you’ve liked, how much storage you’ve used for your downloads, and many other info that are neatly presented for your convenience. It’s also worth mentioning there’s a Share action you can make use of should you want to spread the word about your vibrant podcast listening activity.

Info-rich series detail screens

Version 4.1 also introduces a new look for series detail screens. Apart from being more appealing to the eye, this UI update also brings more information more accessible to you. With just a single tap on the info icon, you’ll be able to view the series’ description, tags and related series right on top of the episode list. Hiding them is also a breeze, i.e. simply tap on the info icon again. For unsubscribed series, an excerpt of these info is readily shown so you can more effectively decide whether a podcast is worth subscribing to or not.

Trendier episode lists

Episode lists have also been redesigned. The 3-dot icon that you used to see on the top-left has been changed to a more suitable icon to depict the additional options. Moreover, the episode overflow (3-dot) menu is more noticeable now on its new location right below the play button. The info below the episode title has also been rearranged, allowing you to more easily determine the time the episode was published, the episode duration, and if the episode is downloaded, liked or added to Play Later.

Additional bug fixes and performance updates have also been incorporated to this new version.

Get v4.1 on the App Store now, and keep on taking your podcast listening habit to greater heights!