“Easy on the ear” podcast listening with advanced audio on Player FM for iPhone 1.5!

We’re aware not all podcasts are produced with the best audio quality. Some may be too noisy, while some have too much “dead air”. You may also find the others not so audible, whereas some are too fast or too slow. You deserve to listen to your favorite podcasts in the best possible way, so we’ve worked on a powerful feature to shoo these audio issues away ⁠— and it’s all on the new Player FM for iPhone 1.5!

Version 1.5 now makes use of the advanced audio player. Our Android users have been enjoying this feature for quite some time now, so we’re happy to have finally implemented it for our iPhone users. So what makes advanced audio powerful? The answer lies on its components:

Boost volume

If you come across a podcast with low audio, and that you’ve already maxed your phone’s volume but to little avail, you can enable this setting to make the recording more audible. “Boost volume” is your reinforcement so you can grasp every word and effectively understand the podcast’s content.

Skip silence

A number of podcasts feature raw conversations and discussions, and as raw as they are, publishers don’t bother editing the silent parts out. So as to get rid of these unnecessary quiet and save more time, you can consider switching “Skip silence” on, and notice the app pluck every moment of silence for you.

Reduce noise

Noise in podcasts is not uncommon and it comes in various forms, e.g. outside environment noise or hisses and clicks from the recording equipment used. By enabling “Reduce noise”, you can now minimize the adverse impact of these undesirable sounds, and expect a much clearer audio.

Variable play speed

This has been requested ever since the release of our iPhone app, and now it’s here! With this setting, you can slow down play speed or make it fast (up to 5x!). Slower play speed is useful if you’re learning a language or listening to conversations that are too fast you can barely comprehend them. Meanwhile, faster play speed is beneficial if you want to speed-listen to a lengthy episode or catch up with backlogs of episodes. What’s good about variable play speed is that it works on video episodes too!

The advanced audio player is “automagically” activated in Player FM for iPhone, so all you need to do is configure it from the 3-dot overflow menu of the mini-player or full player. You can enable not only one but multiple settings of the advanced audio at the same time, depending on your preference.

Also comes with this version are several bug fixes and performance updates.

Download our app on the App Store now for an enhanced podcast listening that’s very easy on the ear you would want to listen more!