Claim the crown as the new Player FM for iPhone 1.4 lets you rule over your podcast list!

We all have that moment when you wish everything would go your way. Let Player FM 1.4 for iOS grants your wish as you can be your own boss as you setup your list the way you want it!

Your list, your rules

Select what you want to hear in the order you want to! We all want to be a ruler. While it may be hard to sometimes be your own ruler, Player FM makes it easy for you by letting you rule over your download queue. Control how your downloaded files are sorted by dragging and dropping them the way you want it and create your own play queue.

Organizing like a boss

Finding it a bit tedious to select episodes to download one at a time? Or even just deleting episodes on your list one by one can be a humdrum? Now, feel like you have your own assistant as you experience an easier way to set multiple episodes to download or delete when you use the multi-select option. All you have to do is to long press on one episode to trigger multi-select, pick out those episodes then tap on either the download or trash icon!

Make re-downloading a breeze

When your internet connection fails and all you got are failed downloads? No need for you to go through them one by one as you can now delete or retry all failed downloads in just one tap like a boss!

Make it different from the rest

Lord over your playlist as you get to customize the settings such as auto-download, episode download limit, auto-remove played episode and remember play history when you tap on [Edit playlist] while on your playlist screen.

Keep yourself updated

Be the first to get all updates on all screen as pull-to-refresh action is now available on all screen’s including Discover and downloads tab!

Pick up where you left off

As for our premium users, you will no longer need to open play history to find the last podcast you’ve started playing, as you can now resume playing your podcasts from where you left off, across all your devices. Play your podcast from the web app and pause it. Then, continue playing on your iPhone by hitting the play button on the mini-player. And, vice versa.

This update also includes bug fixings and performance issues.

Download our app in Apple App Store now, for an enhanced, distraction-free, podcast listening experience!