Big it up: Player FM goes tablet and introduces Play Later feature

With the release of version 1.2, Player FM for Android is now friendly on devices of all sizes, just like the Player FM website. And the release comes hand-in-hand with the much-requested ability to download older episodes. These two features work great together, as tablet mode is an ideal way to flip through episodes for later listening. Even when you’re offline.

Here’s a summary of these new features, as well as a roundup of other recent updates.

Tablet mode

Player FM has been called “Flipboard for podcasts” by some, as it makes it easy to kick back and browse through podcasts. You can swipe left and right to explore at any level (channels, series, episodes, catalogues. And full episode descriptions are retained when you’re offline.

Here’s a look at the main screen on the big screen … 4+ million delicious Nexus 10’s pixels.

It’s fun to see all of a producer’s recent productions on one screen:

Episode mode is a quick popup:

With the new Nexus 7 out, mid-range tablets were not forgotten either. Here’s the N7 in portrait mode:

Existing users won’t see it, but the signup page and product tour got some attention too:

(Tip of the chapeau to Cinemur for the classic login button inspiration.)

Play Later

Play Later is available on all form factors, from phones to tablets. It’s your personal playlist or queue which you can add shows to any time. By default, the most recent 10 episodes are always sync’d, but you can update that in settings. It isn’t yet cloud-sync’d, but be sure it’s on the roadmap.

To mark an episode for Play Later, you can tap Play Later from the episode’s detail screen or the episode’s context menu. Or even simpler – just long-hold the play button in any playlist. You can see below a few shows saved for later, as well as the Play Later list in the menu.

Other updates since launch

It’s been a wild ride since launching this three months ago. We launched with a new kind of podcast app that emphasises discovery and syncs settings across devices and the web; but even so, we were missing some basic podcatcher functionality, and I’m pleased to see we’ve mostly closed the gap now. As well as the updates mentioned above, we are also now saving episode positions for later resuming, and tracking played episodes. We can also delete episodes automatically after a play – or if marked as played – depending on settings.

We are now making a series of “happiness” releases to add small features that people have been requesting, like changing sort order and pausing when headphones are removed. We’ll then be doing a big catalogue upgrade and adding more cloud-syncing capability.

How are you finding the tablet version? Let me know what you’d like to see next – or on UserVoice.