Be a time warrior with Player FM’s playback rate

So you’ve got 30 minutes to learn everything about basket-weaving. You search for basket-weaving (I love how that actually returns four episodes). It returns the fabulous “Everything You Need to Know About Basket Weaving in Sixty Minutes” show (we’re well into hypothetical territory at this point). 60 minute show, but 30 minutes to countdown! Not to worry. Go double-speed with Player FM’s new playback rate feature. It’s literally* like warping time (* but not literally).


And thankfully, the browsers make this a chipmunk-free zone. They modulate frequency as you speed up the episode, so it’s sounds quite normal.

It works as a slider control, just slide up and down from 0.5x to 3x in the permaplayer area. As always hit “?” to see keyboard shortcuts, where you’ll discover you can also speed up and slow down with “<” and “>” keys.

The new control is available on desktop browsers only, since I’ve discovered the main mobile browsers don’t support it so far. Also, it’s only available with browsers supporting MP3 in native HTML5, which rules out Firefox until the planned MP3 support lands (this is available in their bleeding-edge Windows releases, so the wait is maybe a few months for everyone). I hope to add playback rate to the Android app too … playback rate is one of those features that separates true podcast apps from music apps.

This latest update also introduces a volume control, and again there’s keyboard shortcut support — “+” and “-” will increase/decrease volume, and “m” will mute it. Because I’m lazy, I like hitting “+” without shift, so “=” will also work to increase volume (nice for QWERTY keyboard owners anyway).

One more thing …

Player FM now supports the SubToMe standard. This is a fabulous initiative to make the whole process of subscribing and RSS easier across the internet. Wherever you see a “Sub To Me” button on a website, you can just hit the button and you’ll be presented with a list of your favorite blog readers and podcast apps, so you can quickly subscribe to them. You can try it by clicking the “Sub To Me” button on HNPod’s website (as long as you’ve visited the updated Player FM from the same browser).