A New Look for Episodes and Series

I finally made a much-needed renovation to the episodes and series design recently (as you may have noticed, both types of page are driven by the same underlying template, so it’s really a change to both at the same time).

How is this different?

  • Overall, a cleaner look which emphasises the main series or episode being displayed.
  • The latest 10 episodes now show a summary, which is extracted from the publisher’s description. Previously, only the title was shown.
  • Tags are now active links. They’re linked to a search, which I’ve found works quite well in practice and probably better than just linking to other series with the same tags.
  • Related items are shown on the right. These are related episodes if you’re looking at an episode page and related series if you’re looking at a series page. Most of the time, these use a matching algorithm which looks across the whole site for similar content. However, if the series is in a featured channel, the related series will generally be other shows in the same channel.
  • Added sharing buttons.
  • Text is now cleaner – I’ve improved processing of podcast feeds, so there’s much less code shown now!
  • The page loads faster as episodes and related content is loaded via Ajax, i.e. after the initial page load.

Here’s a recent example.